Friday, March 18, 2016

5 on Friday

1. S'ip x S'well at Targs here in CA and I saw they were selling S'well water bottles. I have a small one I take to the gym at home and a larger similar bottle that I take everywhere else. I love that it keeps my water ice cold for hours and I am glad to have an extra bottle to take on the plane to keep Charlotte's milk warm. These ones are so cute and I love the new shape! 
2. St. Patty's Day Fun: We had a busy St. Patrick's Day starting with our favorite avocado toast for breakfast, a St. Patrick's Day party in the morning, park time and then lunch with Granny at her school and dinner out with a friend. Busy day and lots of fun  for the babies!  
3. Snappin' I've had snapchat for a couple years but didn't really know what to do with it (#soold) but have been loving it lately for taking quick videos and shots of our days. My username is jessicareisfelt if you want to follow along! 
4. Stepping back into our old life: It's been a bit surreal being for the last week and half because it's like we are doing all the same things we did when we lived here: trips to the park, library, Whole Foods, our favorite food trucks, and more. I'm even driving my old car this weekend (my sister in law owns it now and I'm borrowing it). It's been so nice to be here but we are also looking forward to going back home to Nick and our house and experience Spring in New Jersey.  
5.  Easter Outfits: I bought the kids their Easter clothes (from The Gap, naturally) and I'm excited to see them in their matching chambray! 

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