Thursday, February 4, 2016

the kids right now: 3.5 years and 13 months

I always have the thought that I'd love to freeze my kids right at this moment because they evolve so rapidly. The funny thing they did or said last week, they've mastered this week. That new skill becomes an old habit and the latest obsession is traded in for something new. So here's a little snapshot of my babes at their respective ages of 3 and a half years and 13 months. 


He loves Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. He calls them his pals. He's finally seeing the appeal of having a sister and likes to play little games with her (as long as she's following the rules!). He loves mac and cheese, beans, hummus, pancakes, and cheese. He getting better about eating his fruits and vegetables, but they still aren't his favorite. He never thinks he's wrong. For example, if we go into a parking garage, and he says it's a tunnel and I correct him, he just amends his original statement and says "garage-tunnel."  He still naps about 60% of the time. He calls playing his "work" and tells me he's working hard in his room. He can put on his own shoes (and clothes if we had the luxury of an hour to let him get dressed each morning!). He often wakes up at night for a hug (like 2-4 nights a week). He can write his "H" for Hayden. He's Taylor Swift's #1 fan. He loves to sit on the counter and help cook. He loves to be chased around the house and always tells me, "Hold on, mom, I'm still being chased" even if I'm the one who's supposed to be doing the chasing. His favorite movie is Polar Express. He doesn't like when things get messy, though seems to always have a messy face! Every day that he looks out the window and sees snow that it's Christmas Morning. When he's upset, he uses a growly voice and says "I am not happy right now." He's a rule follower and always asks before he does something he's not supposed to do. He's also a homebody (or maybe just doesn't like the cold?) and prefers to stay home during the day.  He's always looking out for his sister (my baby is sad, my baby needs a fork, you forgot my baby's drink.) His loves playing with his trains and his garbage truck. 

At 13 months, Charlotte Mae is so fun. Her favorite word is uh-oh and her favorite game is dropping something, saying uh-oh and seeing who will pick it up for her. She is always trying to climb or stand up on something (the outside of the stairs...). She switched completely to whole milk and loves her bottle. She has a funny little laugh of anticipation that she does when we pull her bottle out of the warmer.  Her hair is growing in slowly and she likes to put things on her head or around her shoulders like a headband. She's pretty compliant to Brother's many rules when playing, though she occasionally will get upset with him too. She loves to eat- anything and everything, though she often throws a plate full of food when she's done. She likes to hold on tightly to a fork while eating, though she's not really using it for anything. She loves to cuddle anything soft (Lucy, Mommy and Daddy, stuffed animals and blankets). She takes just one nap a day, timed with her brother's. She claps for everything, waves whenever we say hello or goodbye and blows kisses. She only has a few words but she seems like she understands much more than that- especially No! She is a little mischievous and races to try to get to things like the dog's bowl, something that dropped on the ground, or an open bathroom door, when she knows she shouldn't be in there. She loves to rock in my arms early in the morning and it's one of my favorite times. 

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