Monday, February 15, 2016

our valentine's weekend

We were lucky to have visitors for Valentine's weekend- my sister and her boyfriend came to stay with us, making the polar-vortex/stuck inside weekend, 100 times better! I love Valentine's Day and love to make it a little special for the kids (sorry, Nick...)

This year, I decorated the playroom for a little Valentine's breakfast, which included Hayden's favorite - bacon and pancakes. Then we went on a special scavenger hunt to find the kid's valentine's gifts. The scavenger hunt was super fun, easy to create, and 100% age-appropriate for Hayden. I walked around the house the night before and snapped pictures of various locations. Then Nick printed out the pictures and we glued them to construction paper hearts. Hayden would search for each clue in the new location and that one would lead him to the next. As for gifts, we don't usually give them anything major. Hayden got a new train for his collection and Charlotte got this shape sorter. I also picked up two more of our favorite sippy cups now that both kids are drinking from them. For dinner, my sister and I collaborated on a heart shaped pizza for the kids.
For the adult-portion of the holiday, we all worked together in the kitchen to create  a wonderful meal that we enjoyed once the kids went to bed. We had lobster tail, steak, asparagus, twice baked potatoes and blackberry bread pudding. We started the evening with these fun and festive drinks .  It was so much fun relaxing and celebrating with another couple and we really enjoyed our time with my sister and Nick (her boyfriend's name, coincidentally).
Nick and I usually don't go big with gifts and this year, he got me some sour candy (my fav!), my favorite candle from Anthropologie, and a fitness tracker (my 4th.... I've lost 1 and 2 others stopped working....).  I gave Nick a book about steam heating (he asked for it, I swear!) and 3 jars of homemade ice cream. 
The only downside to the weekend (besides the cold weather) was that poor Charlotte was so sick. She has a really bad cough and a fever for the last few days. Unfortunately, it looks like Hayden is catching whatever it is. She seems to be getting worse, rather than better - so it's off to the doctor we go in a couple hours! 
I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day too!  

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