Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Living Room Progress & Plans

Our living room is probably the most traditional room in the house, with a large stone fireplace, overhead beams, and an architectural style that feels like a cross between Spanish Revival/Craftsman/Tudor. The walls are textured plaster and all the doors, stairs, ledges, and beams are the original wood. It's a really pretty room and it's nice to have a sitting space that doesn't include the TV. We have used most of the same furniture from our California living room and opted not to have a coffee table. It's nice to have an open space and the kids play in here a lot, so it makes sense for now.
The only changes we've made to this room since we moved in were to switch out the light fixtures and take down the heavy window treatments left by the previous owner. We opted for bright white drapes and these wall sconces from West Elm. (You can see the previous lights in this post.)
Eventually, I'd like to switch out the two arm chairs for different seating. They aren't the most comfortable or substantial chairs. My dream set up would be to have a second couch facing the current one, but since that would be really costly (and if we move, we might not have space for 3 couches...) I'm thinking about adding in two larger armchairs

The other things that are on my list for this room are to change out the rug, and maybe (maybe) add an overhead light fixture. The rug has seen better days (lots of animal accidents) and it also feels like too much brown for the room. I'd love a vintage-looking onewith a bit more color  or a shaggy Moroccan rug instead. We'll see.... 
Even without these changes, it's a comfortable room and I'm always happy to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my laptop to work!


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