Wednesday, February 24, 2016

green watercolor art

It feels a little silly but 90 % of the art on our walls is homemade by me. I was an art minor in college and still enjoy painting. Right now, it's the cheapest way to add art to our house- eventually, I'd love to purchase from real artists, but until then, I'll keep creating my own. 

Last week, we got out the watercolors and both the kids and I painted for a bit. I haven't done much  painting with water colors, mostly just oil or acrylic on canvas. This was considerably less fancy- I used Hayden's Crayola Paints  and $1 poster board.  However, I had fun with the patterns and blending the greens together. We ended up with 2 watercolor prints for our dining room. I like the marbled malachite-ish look of them. I just used really cheap poster frames from Target, that I spray painted them gold. If we end up holding on to these, I would probably frame them a bit in something a bit nicer. 

Anyway, it was an exercise in creativity, if nothing else!  

1 comment:

  1. This looks so good! You're going to have to do a tutorial on this! We use a lot of large nature photographs in our house. I love the use of color!


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