Friday, February 26, 2016

five on friday

1. Last weekend we drove over to Park Slope, Brooklyn to have brunch with friends. It was nice to explore a new area and get outside with the kids. As Spring approaches, I know we'll have more outings on the agenda. 

2. Fuller House! Who else is super excited?! I still watch the reruns of Full House from time to time and I always love a good remake. Good think Nick likes the show too... Also, did anyone else see the Jimmy Fallon skit? Loved it!
3. Target FTW: I mentioned the new kids collection called Pillowfort which was released last week. I love it! At least at our Target, they don' have as much in stores but I picked up a few things for the kids rooms since they are both in an unfinished state. This lamp for Charlotte's room and this adorable nightlight for Hayden, to name a couple items!  It's a recurring collection, like some of the other Target lines, so I know they'll just continue adding cute items to the line!
4.  Homemade Pizza Bar. One night I cut up a bunch of different toppings and made pizza dough for a homemade pizza bar. Hayden had so much fun putting toppings on his pizza and even put on some vegetables (and ate them)! I need to figure out more dinners like this so that he can participate even more and maybe try new foods. 
5. Lastly, we were out on a walk and we saw some firemen measuring the ice thickness of our neighborhood "lake". We walked around the lake and as we were coming back to our house, we saw the firemen again, testing out their ladder. They waved to us and asked Hayden if he wanted to hop in the front of the truck. It was such a fun, unexpected treat for him! 


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  1. So fun to spend some time in "the city"!! And I'm so glad I don't live near a Target...if be so poor. I love those little chairs!!


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