Friday, February 19, 2016

five on friday

It's been a recurring theme this winter, but we had another sick week at our house... Both kids had terrible head colds and coughs which developed into ear infections, bronchiolitis, and very little sleep this week. They passed on their colds to Momma so we have been staying in and trying to recuperate. Looking forward to feeling better and hopefully leaving the house this weekend! 
On Monday, we made a quick grocery run before a winter storm hit and stopped at Starbucks because, well, I really needed some coffee. Anyway, I got the kids a maple walnut muffin and sampled a bit- it was so delicious! I found this recipe on Pinterest to try and replicate next week when we're all feeling better.
Valentine's Day is over and I've been thinking about the next holiday- St. Patrick's Day! Here are some cute things that I'm eyeing for the kids. How cute are those gold bunny flats?!  

Despite the plague over here, we did manage to make it on a couple errands (Target, naturally) this week and I picked up these hand towels for our main/guest bathroom.  That bathroom is a little tricky with it's retro tile and finishes so I loved that these towels felt like they really matched. 

Guys, this curl on the back of Charlotte's head kills me. It's so much longer than the rest of her hair and it sticks out after she wears a hat. Hayden always says, "Charlotte's hair is fabulous." 
Our California trip is 3 weeks away and here's the number 2 reason, I'm can't wait to get out there (after seeing our family and friends of course):

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