Friday, February 5, 2016

five on friday

TGIF y'all! This week got off to a rocky start with Hayden having an aggressive stomach bug Monday. He was all better by Monday evening but we stayed home the next couple days just to make sure he wasn't spreading his germs/ no one else got sick.  
Guys, we joined Costco last weekend- thanks for all the feedback!  I made my month long menu and then wrote down the big things that I wanted to purchase there before heading out. I spent right around $200 and from what I'm estimating, will probably only spend about $50 per week on our regular groceries. So that's actually way cheaper than our normal grocery budget of $500+ a month. Feeling good about it! So yay, Costco!  
 Re-Play Divided Plates We had a mishmash of kids plates from target, amazon, ikea and other stores and they never stacked in the cabinet, some were looking a little rough and I wasn't even sure if they were made from very child-friendly materials. So, I upgraded all the plates to these adorable ones from Re-Play. They have all solid colors, stack really well, are made from recycled plastics, and BPA-free, etc. They are super sturdy and the plates are so deep that sauces or soups could easily be served in them without a big mess. Seriously- my latest favorite kid purchase! 
We received some exciting news this week! My parents are flying the kids and me out to CA for 2 weeks in March! I'm so happy because we weren't planning another trip out there until August. January was especially challenging in terms of homesickness/ second-guessing this move across the country and it just makes me feel so much better that we get some unexpected family/CA time. We will, of course, miss Nick since he's staying home to work. 
I'm dreaming of Spring and dressing Charlotte Mae in lots of cute dresses... Here are a couple of my favorites: neon pink! , perfect for Easter

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