Monday, February 22, 2016

dining room dreaming

Our dining room in our new house is largely unused. When we have visitors (or date night) we will drag the kitchen chairs into there, but otherwise, it's just a pass thru room from the kitchen to the rest of the house. I would love to start working on it because it's at the center of the house has the potential to be a really pretty space. Of course, dining room tables and chairs tend to be pretty pricy and we need to replace both (our old chairs went to the kitchen table and our current dining room table is super small for the room).
Anyway, I have it all figured out. I just could use a little money, honey....
dining room dreaming

First things first, I want to paint the walls a deep navy (actually the same color as our dining room accent wall in our old house- Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.) The light fixture needs to be replaced. We have a beautiful and intricate finial on the ceiling and I love the juxtaposition of old and new (kind of like this image) so I would love to replace the light with something a bit more modern.
The table- I want it light wood and simple. This one is perfect- maybe something we could try and DIY?? Both our dads are coming to visit this spring and might want a project ;)  
For the chairs, we have the 2 end chairs already and I really like the look of mixing and matching and love these Eames look-alike chairs. However, Nick would not be certain these were comfortable and would probably want to get the matching armless chairs to our end chairs.
For the rug, I love this with it's pink tones- lots of pattern to hide any food spillage!
We have a built in china cabinet and lots of storage so I don't think I want to go with a buffet cabinet in here. Something simple and light, like this console table would be perfect for a couple of lamps and as a place to set dishes.
 So that's the plan... We have a lot of big expenses for this room so it will probably be slow-going, but a girl can dream.... 

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