Tuesday, February 16, 2016

date night at home

(super old pre-kids picture- back when we had date nights out!)
Since moving to New Jersey, we've had less opportunities to go out on dates outside the house than we used to in California. We have a babysitter, but she's not always available. Plus, it can get pricey when you add a babysitting fee + nice dinner out + drinks, etc. So a few weeks ago, we instituted a new tradition- date night in! 
Typically dinner is a rushed affair, with multiple trips to and from the table for cups of milk, dropped silverware, and second helpings. We try and eat together as a family most nights but it's  most definitely not a time for us to linger over dinner and have good conversation. 
Our new tradition is once every week or two:  put the kids to bed and make dinner together. It's fun working in the kitchen together. We plan a whole meal from a special cocktail to start the night, to an appetizer, our main course, and sometimes dessert (or just splitting some fancy chocolate on the couch). We have good wine and turn on some music and get to relax during the food prep process and also eating. We even eat in the dining room - which feels fancier than the kitchen table.
It makes for such a nice evening and some quality time together. Plus, since we are cutting out the babysitting cost, the dinner out, etc., even splurging on nicer food and alcohol  at the grocery store is significantly cheaper than a night out at a moderately priced restaurant.  
So, if you're a couple with young kids who doesn't get to go out too often, I'd really recommend this option!  

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