Friday, February 12, 2016

5 on Friday

Good morning and happy long weekend/ Valentine's weekend! It's one of my favorite holidays - especially now that we have kids! My sister and her boyfriend are visiting from CA this weekend and we are having a little Valentine's Day brunch with the kids on Sunday morning + a fancy at-home adult dinner on Sunday night. 
(our past Valentine's Day brunches
Last weekend we went to the Crayola Museum in Easton, Pennsylvania. It was really cute and we had a fun day exploring. The kids got to make their own crayons + labels. Hayden named his crayons very original names like "yellow crayon"  reminiscent of one of our favorite books ;) 
What are you watching lately?? Nick and I have been into Sherlock which is fun because it's a little longer show (1.5 hours) so it almost feels like we are watching a movie. (Typically, one or both of us falls asleep when we turn on a movie #parentingprobs.) Anyway, Sherlock has only 9 episodes so we are almost done. So, what do you recommend?
Okay, this has me so excited and has Nick rolling his eyes.... Target is coming out with a new kids line in a couple weeks! You know their home decor as of late has been so so good, but their kids line has never impressed me. That's all changing people and I can't wait! Our kids rooms both feel a little unfinished to me and I'm sure we can find a couple things and good old Targs to make them feel complete. To take a look, search the term "Pillow Fort" on Target's website- so much goodness! 
Little Miss Mae is saying some new words No! (thanks to her brother constantly telling her No! when it comes to his toys) and  Ohhhhhh (when she tries something new or is excited about something). She's been having a rough week with 3 new teeth coming in, having a blood draw (routine), and losing her favorite paci. It's been nice to see something happy too!

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