Thursday, January 28, 2016

weekly pinterest roundup

I rely on Pinterest a lot. I like to do most of my weekly meal planning with Pinterest open; I love finding cute crafts and activities for the kids, and it's my go to for DIY and decorating inspiration. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show some of the pins that we have been putting into action each week. This week's roundup: 
We made this Valentine's Day Soup water play. It's messy but fun and both kids loved it. Everyone needed a change of clothes after but it held their interest for about 45 minutes! I just used a couple drops of food coloring in a tub of water. We added some confetti and Valentine's Day foam stickers from Target.
We made these cute heart bird feeders too- great fine motor practice and they look really cute hanging in our tree. Plus Charlotte was just as entertained with a pipe cleaner and eating the cereal. Win, win!
I did this stationary bike routine at the gym and it was such a good and quick leg work out. I added in some weights and I had my whole workout done in 30 minutes. Perfect for the day I didn't feel like another 4 mile treadmill run!

We made these sugar cookies because I wanted a fast recipe that didn't require chilling before we used our cookie cutters. They were delicious and gone in about 2 days. The almond extract adds a little something extra.
We did this arctic animal sensory play activity and the kids loved it. We didn't have all arctic animals- more like a woodland mix, but they didn't care (obviously) and I put it back in the freezer when we were done for another round in the future.


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