Tuesday, January 26, 2016

snowy weekend

Well, we made it through our first big New Jersey snow! We've been in a lot of snow before in Tahoe, but this was a first for me to see it go from nothing at all to burying our entire yard in 24 hours. 
On Friday morning, I ran out quickly with the kids to stock up on a few grocery store items. That was our last time leaving the house until I went to the gym/grocery store solo last night.
The snow was really pretty and we watched it blanket our entire yard, hiding our patio furniture, driveway, and steps. We stayed inside on Saturday since it was, you know, blizzard-y, and we played with all the toys, watched a couple movies, drank too much coffee and hot chocolate,  did a few minor projects around the house, FaceTimed all our California relatives to say "hey- look at the snow!", and took naps. We put both kids to bed before 7 pm and watched as the snow finally stopped at 10 pm. 

On Sunday, it was bright and clear and Hayden and I got bundled up to go out . We decided against taking Charlotte out because she doesn't love the cold weather already, can barely move in her snowsuit, and has been a little under the weather anyway. Hayden had tons of fun though he could barely walk in the snow since it was going up over my knees as I walked through it.
Hayden and I went out twice and his favorite activity was using his sand shovel to dig in the snow.  
We have a really long driveway that circles back behind our house, with the garage at a sharp turn under the house. Our landscapers also do snow removal and came with their plows to clear the driveway.... and got stuck. When they finally got pulled out by another truck, they just left, leaving only half the driveway plowed and nowhere near the garage. We waited all day (and contacted them several times), shoveled for an hour, and finally the owner of the company brought his snowblower back at 10 on Sunday night. We can get out of the driveway, but it's really tricky and we still have mountains of snow on some parts of it.  Soooo... just wondering when this will all melt, New Jersey??

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