Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oh Wednesday

This week we are having our first taste of cold East Coast weather, and I'm not quite sure we are fans... We had a light dusting of snow yesterday afternoon and today it is COLD. My little California babies were crying on the walk from our car to the doctor's office today. Hopefully we'll all get used to this weather, or at least survive it until Spring. Both kids have colds and slight fevers, so that's fun.... 
(our backyard after yesterday's little snow) 
I didn't really have a warm enough coat before we moved here and I was resistant to spending a lot of money but I got this one from Old Navy for only $25 as an interim coat and it's surprisingly warm!
We had Charlotte's 1st year check-up today and we were at the doctor for an hour and a half. We weren't really waiting too long, but they were super thorough, which was nice. Poor thing had 4 shots today and was feeling pretty bummed about it.

Speaking of Charlotte Mae, I've decided I really need to work on her nursery. It's been a harsh yellow color since we moved in and I've finally decided on a paint color. She has trim dividing the walls in half so I'm going to paint the bottom white and the top a purplish-grey. I might just be motivated to get the whole thing done this week! Here's a few rooms that I've been pinning for inspiration.

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

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