Wednesday, January 27, 2016

motherhood right now...

Eating lukewarm Annie's Mac & Cheese straight from the pot, whilst cleaning the kitchen, carrying on a serious conversation with your 3 year old about Mickey Mouse, and holding your one year old on your hip. 
Laying in your toddler's tiny twin bed with him at 1:40 am, because "I just need to hold you, Momma."
Continually pouring hot coffee over your half finished ice cold coffee, because you can never manage to finish the whole cup before it gets cold.
 Having to say "meow, meow" after every sentence, because your 3 year old is a kitten today and you get to be the momma cat.
Keeping several pairs of baby socks in the car because your 1 year old will inevitably take them off and manage to lose them during a 10 minute car ride. 
Listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 album on repeat, in  the car, in a very specific song order, as dictated by the 3 year old.  
Feeling like you deserve a medal when all the clothes are washed, folded, and put in the correct drawers.
Building elaborate Brio train tracks with your toddler that take up the whole floor and then leaving them there for a few days, because you're actually pretty proud of your engineering as well. 
Relishing those early morning bottle and snuggle sessions with the baby, knowing that they go by way too quickly.
Feeling exhausted and ready for the kids' bedtime at 6 pm and then missing them and wishing they were up still by 9 pm.
Giving midday elaborate bubble baths with all the toys, because there's nothing sweeter than seeing your two babies splashing and playing together. 
Regretting saying your baby was a "pooping machine" one day in front of your toddler. Because he still remembers that one and brings it up frequently.
Sharing soggy bunny crackers, sippy cups, and squished pear slices because "it's so fun to share with Momma."
Constantly finger swiping your baby's mouth finding toys, stale mini marshmallows, dog fur, and every other gross thing that's on the floor in there. 
Being way more into the Pinterest craft/story time/music class  than either of your children.
Sweeping/mopping under the highchair 5 times a day, because the dog has gotten picky...  
 Talking in a high pitched Min  (Minnie Mouse) voice, so your toddler can be Mickey (or Mick)
Being able to recite Goodnight Moon, Lllama Llama Red Pajama, and Little Blue Truck on demand. 
 Feeling so in awe and so in love with these two perfect little babes 500 times a day. 

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