Friday, January 29, 2016

5 on Friday

1. I took this picture yesterday and was so glad I caught the moment. Little Miss went down for her nap soon after. (My sister turned it into a meme.) 

2. Pajamas, pajamas, pajamas... My kids are on the small side and tend to stay in the same size clothes for a long time. However, pajamas are something that we buy much more frequently. Charlotte is close to needing to go up a size. I just found out that my favorite pajamas for her only go up to the 9 month size, which would be the next size for her. I'm not sure if I should buy something bigger so it will last a little longer. Anyway, I love these pajamas because they are all solid colors and so soft (and a great deal).  

3. Weekend plans... Tonight I'm meeting a friend from CA in New York City for dinner, Nick and I are planning a date night in on Saturday night (since our babysitter was booked) and we are planning some snow play since we still have tons of it hanging around. 
4. To Costco or not to Costco? I am debating joining Costco. We've never really been one to buy in bulk but I know they're really stepped up their game and a lot of people are happy with their organic meats, their fish, and produce. We are having a hard time finding a grocery store that we really love out here in New Jersey, so I'm not sure. I would hate to have the membership and then not really use it. 
5. Valentines. Usually, I make Valentines for Hayden to give to his friends, but our printer hasn't been working since we moved and I found such cute ones on the Minted site that I'm tempted to just go that route. I love the deer one and the s'mores one. (I mean, Charlotte clearly needs to be passing out Valentines too, am I right?!)


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