Thursday, January 14, 2016

5 on Friday

It's been a long week with some cold weather, everyone feeling a little under the weather, some residual (continual?) homesickness for California, and Nick has been on a business trip for the last few days. Some highlights of the last few days include Hayden falling into the bath, fully clothed and fishing items out of the toilet that Charlotte gleefully threw in. Obviously we spend too much time in the bathroom. Anyway, in spite of all that, there are always good moments to cherish in a challenging week. 
1. We got an ice cream maker for Christmas and Hayden and I have made ice cream twice this week already! My favorite so far has been vanilla with peanuts and caramel swirls. So good. Never mind the 20 degree weather, every day is an ice cream day. 
2.  I painted Charlotte's room well into the night on Wednesday and am so happy with how it turned out! It's not a color I thought I would have chosen, but I love it. Here's a little sneak peak. 
3. These babies sitting together eating cuties (don't worry, Dad I was right there the whole time).
4.  Lots of mellow music on in the background. My favorite currently is anything by Gregory Alan Isakov. So good. 
5.  Decorating for Valentine's Day! (Less than a month away!) 


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