Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Though Christmas seems like a distant memory already, I wanted to document it nonetheless, particularly since it was Charlotte's first one! Our Christmas stretched on for a week or so and involved some cross-country travel. We started out on December 19th with a faux-Christmas Eve. We read the night before Christmas, delivered cookies to our neighbors, had a Christmas Eve feast. and the kids got new pajamas to wear to bed. 
Santa's elves worked quickly to put some finishing touches on a play kitchen for Hayden and Charlotte and a few new food items to go along with it. On December 20th, Nick and I got up early, made a fire, cooked cinnamon rolls, and had the room ready for Christmas morning. Naturally, Hayden slept in till almost 9 am, giving us more than enough time to prepare.
Both kids (okay, mostly Hayden) were excited about the kitchen. Hayden kept exclaiming, "My kitchen is back! My kitchen is back" because my parents had one for him at their house in California.  The kids opened their presents slowly and enjoyed playing with their new toys. We try to subscribe to the something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read list for presents so that it wasn't too overwhelming or out-of-control. 
Since the kids were so engrossed in their gifts, we ended up throwing a blanket down right in front of the Christmas tree and enjoying our breakfast picnic style. It was such a cozy and relaxing morning.
That evening, Hayden, Charlotte and I boarded a plane for San Francisco. I think it went pretty well considering it was just me and both kids. There were so many kind fellow travelers that offered to carry bags, hold babies, switch seats, and any other assistance we needed. Both kids slept most of the way and we made it to CA in one piece.
We spent a relaxing week at my parents house, with my siblings all hanging out each night. Nick joined us mid week.
We went to my in laws for Christmas Eve and Hayden had such a good time playing with his cousins all day long!

Christmas Day we spent with my family and we had a quiet day with 3-hour naps for both kids!

Even though it seems like a lot, I really enjoyed our Christmas celebrations this year. We had enough time to focus on each of our families and enough time just for our family of four.  

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