Wednesday, December 9, 2015

a little style secret

I've wanted a pair of hunter boots for a while now, but living in CA, I really couldn't justify buying a pair (It's a super drought out there, people!). Now that I'm a New Jersey resident with real weather to look forward to, I decided to finally buy a pair. As rain boots go, Hunters are definitely not the cheapest, coming in at $150/pair. 
However, after reading this fashion blog, I decided to order a pair of kids boots instead of the normal adult ones. Because of the length of the boots, I wasn't sure that an adult pair would work on my more petite frame. The kids boots are shorter and significantly cheaper (almost half the cost of the adult boots). They also look exactly the same (same color, same style) except for  small reflector strips on the back (which was not a deal breaker for me). I usually wear a size 6 and ordered a size 4 in kids.  
So, if you're a shorty like me and have smaller feet, this is a cheaper and perhaps better fitting option for you! 

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