Friday, December 11, 2015

5 on Friday

1. Blogger Book Exchange: This year we participated in a Blogger Book Exchange and we received books from Nina @ The Joni Journey and some fun Mickey chocolates which are highly prized around here ;) I received the book everyone's been talking about, The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up and Hayden and Charlotte received Goodnight Construction Site! Love both books and this fun little exchange!
2. Speaking of books... this is the sweetest Christmas book: Hayden and I picked this one out at Target a couple of weeks ago and I tear up every time I read it. I feel like Nancy Tillman is the Jodi Picoult of board books, all her books make me teary!
3. Nick and I are going out for 2 dates this weekend! Tomorrow we are going Christmas shopping sans kiddos, which will be a new experience for us. Sunday night we have the babysitter booked again for a holiday dinner out on the town.
4. Christmas festivities... We continue to try and be out and about during the days as we explore New Jersey. There have been a lot of great Christmas activities in our area. This week, we went to a Gingerbread house competition, a (free) Christmas music class, an International Holiday party at the library, and a cute little Gingerbread cafe where we shared a couple of sweets. Loving this season and all these fun activities with the babes. 
5.  Lighting... We love love love our new house but the lighting situation is really subpar. We have some seriously outdated and ugly fixtures in every single room of the house. My mom was here last week and thanks to her and my dad, we are receiving 4 new sconces to remedy our living room lighting situation. I can't wait for them to arrive (and be installed, Husband...). One room down, many to go! 


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