Monday, December 7, 2015

10 months of Charlotte Mae

(I wrote the post when Charlotte was actually 10 months old on 11.6.15, but somehow didn't get around to posting it until just now!) 
Our little babe's birthday is right around the corner and I can't believe how fast this year has gone/ how much our life has changed since she was born. Little C is such a sweet thing and we are loving her emerging personality (so different than Hayden's!). The other night at dinner, she was sitting with us and eating and kept cracking herself up. We couldn't figure out why she was laughing, but whatever it was, she would burst into giggles every few seconds. 
This little one has been working on separating from Momma just a bit; we've been going to the gym 3  - 4 times a week and she has been doing better and better with the hour away. We are hoping this makes for an easier transition so that Momma and Daddy can have some nights out every once in a while.  She is a Momma's girl through and through, but she lights up every time she sees Daddy. 
 Month 10 was probably her worst month of sleeping ever- we blame it on the 4 weeks she spent in a travel crib, sharing a room with her brother. She would wake up 5-7 times a night on average, and not be satisfied unless she was nursing. 
Speaking of nursing, it hasn't been my favorite this time around and I really can't pinpoint exactly why. With Hayden, I wasn't in love with it, but I didn't mind it at all and mostly enjoyed the time together. With Charlotte, I'm counting down to her birthday when I'll start weaning her. I know that I can/(maybe should?) go longer, but I have the year mark in my head as an ending point and it feels right. She has been taking a bottle from me/Nick the last few nights without trouble, so I think we are on the road to weaning. I plan on being very gradual about the whole process...I'm not really sure why it's not for me this time around, but I guess it's different with every baby?
Moving on- this girl LOVES to eat anything and everything we are eating. She says "na-na" for more food and slams her hands on her tray impatiently if we don't keep it full of food. She loves fruit- berries or any kind, apples, and grapes are what she's been eating lately. She is not very picky and seems to be eating Brother under the table lately. 
As for movement, she has perfected her army crawl and can get across the room amazingly fast. We are really careful with what is in her reach these days. She doesn't seem to care about crawling in the traditional sense, maybe because she's got this way figured out? As for standing, she loves to pull up on anything that's her height (the dishwasher...) and is so proud when she stands. I don't see her walking anytime soon- which is fine because I think Miss Independent will be trouble once she's on her feet!
Anyway, that is Miss Charlotte Mae in a nutshell at this point!  

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