Thursday, November 19, 2015

thanksgiving tablescape

I love a good table scape and the holidays are always a great excuse to dress up the table with a little something extra. We aren't actually celebrating Thanksgiving at home this year, but I still wanted a little decoration here before it's full-on Christmas mode. We don't currently use the dining room, but we walk through it about 10 times a day (it has a swinging door into the kitchen, so it's obviously Hayden's favorite route through the house). This means I get to see the prettily set table quite often. 
Anyway, for a table scape, I'm a big fan of using what you have and adding a few fresh elements to the mix. My favorite (and most pinned) tables include candles + fresh flowers + natural elements + a little something glam.
In this particular table scape:
  • Candles: tapers and tea lights
  • Natural elements: a branch from our yard + some pumpkins and gourds that we've had since Halloween
  • Something glam: those gold candlesticks are from Target's fall line and I love them so much. I feel like they'll be making continued appearances, regardless the season.  
  • Now let's chat about the flowers for a minute... I usually get my flowers from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods (this time some pale purple roses and white hydrangeas), but I also appreciate a well-designed floral arrangement. These can be great if you don't have the confidence to arrange your own flowers or are looking for something more elevated . One option that is a step up from your grocery-store-variety is BloomNation. They offer a huge selection of online bouquets, curated from local florists (I love this one!). I really think flowers can be the key to a beautiful table. 
How are you decorating your Thanksgiving table this year?  

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