Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunroom | Progress & Plans

When we first toured this house, it was love at first sight, but I think that that room that sold us completely was the sun room with it's gigantic wood-trimmed windows, thick moulding and dark floors. I knew when we put our offer on this house, it would be my favorite room - and it is!  We bought a new couch and coffee table (both from West Elm) for the room. We also have a more formal living room where all our previous living room furniture went to live. 
I've loved this couch for over a year, and we even talked about buying the love seat version for our last house (so glad we waited!) We are trying to be really intentional about the pieces we buy for this house, not rushing to fill each room. Probably the only other furniture we'll buy for the sunroom would be a side table and maybe a bench for the back of the fireplace wall.
Speaking of the fireplace wall, it's not our favorite. It's pink, pink and it's not quite our style. I've seen a lot of tutorials on Pinterest on whitewashing stone, so I think that may be in my future to tone down the pink.

We would also like to have this room repainted eventually. It's currently a sage green with a pale green ceiling. I'm not sure what color we would use yet, maybe a pale grey, blue, or beige? Something we'll think about in the future.
As with most of this house, there's not much we want to change, it's basically just paint and light fixtures (so different from our last house!)  

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