Monday, November 30, 2015

our Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving was a little different that we originally planned. We were supposed to go to a friend's house (who also has a child) but both kids (and Nick and me) ended up getting sick last week, so we decided to play it safe and cancel our plans. We were a bit homesick on Thanksgiving Day, missing our family and California- particularly since my sister had just left our house on Wednesday. 
However, we ended up having a really nice day. We got up early (naturally, with 2 kids) made some breakfast and then watched the parade for a bit. We made some cookies during Charlotte's nap and then headed to a park to run off some energy.
We made a small dinner with a turkey breast from Whole Foods, some homemade rolls, potatoes and cranberry sauce and some store-bought stuffing. My sister sweetly made a pumpkin pie for us before she left so we had that to enjoy as well!
 After dinner (of which the kids ate approximately 3 bites each), everyone took their nightly dose of Tylenol (ha!) and we sat down to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol. It was a quiet holiday, but it ended up being so nice. 
On Friday, we avoided all shopping and went to pick out our Christmas tree at a local farm instead. Since it wasn't really like a tree lot, the trees weren't labeled by height and they all looked about the same size. When we got home, we realized the tree must be close to 10 feet tall- it nearly touched the ceiling.
As I was putting lights on it, I found a bird nest deep in the branches... The whole experience was very Christmas Vacation-ish. This year, decorating was so fun because Hayden really got into it and was hanging everything at the 1 foot level.... Charlotte was on the clean-up crew taking the ornaments down as he put them up... Needless to say, all the ornaments have been moved upward into the tree.
 We are having a small early Christmas with just the four of us in a couple weeks before we head out to California for the rest of the holiday season. This is my favorite time of the year! 

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