Monday, November 16, 2015

moms & daughters

I snapped this quick picture of Charlotte and I last Friday as I put on make-up for going out later that night. Hayden was napping and Nick was still at work, so it was just us ladies. We sat on the ground together facing the mirror in my bedroom. I was applying makeup, she was gleefully dumping out the contents of my make-up bag, inspecting each item, and taste-testing it for good measure. It hit me that this is an routine that she will probably witness countless times in her life, and eventually adopt as her own. I still remember watching my mom fix her hair (blow drying her bangs with a round brush, oh the 90s) and do her make-up in the mornings. I recall the excitement I had when she curled my hair or let me try on some lipstick. She would give me and my sister her old lipsticks when they were near the end of their usefulness, and I would carry the tube around for months in my little purse. These small rituals that become so ingrained in our daily practice are so special when looking at them through fresh eyes. 

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