Tuesday, October 20, 2015

our trip to the pumpkin patch and parenthood right now

This weekend we went to a local pumpkin patch and had a wonderful time and took tons of cute pictures of the kids all bundled up.

Telling you about our trip to the pumpkin would probably be boring to read, since we did all the typical fall-activities that everyone else with small children does right now. Instead I'd like to share a little slice of life right now that might be more entertaining. 
Let me start off by saying hotel life hasn't been too terrible. We have plenty of space and two bedrooms and a playground, so it works for the short time. (Although we are beyond ready to move into our new house!) However, Friday night, as I was attempting to cook dinner,  I got a text from Nick that he would probably be a little late that night- no problem... So, I have Hayden standing on a chair taking over the precious18 inches of counter space in our kitchen playing with measuring spoons. Charlotte is on the floor with some toy cars. While trying to chop onions, I look over and Hayden is wiping his face with the kitchen sponge... As I take it away from him, Charlotte decides she is over playing with toys on the ground and starts getting ornery. So I plop her in the highchair with a few halves of cherry tomatoes. She throws them on the ground and yells for something else. My onions are starting to burn, so I quickly put a dollop of yogurt on her tray, knowing full well that this is the messiest thing I could give her/ she'll love it and be content for a while. This gives me two free seconds to cook. Trying to entertain them both we are playing dance music on my phone, and I'm doing silly dances to distract them both from the fact that I can't hold them and cook. Meanwhile, I look over and Hayden is now sitting at the kitchen table with a tipped over box of pumpkin cereal, eating straight from the box. At this point, I'm repetitively checking Nick's location on my phone, seeing if he's left the office yet (he hasn't) trying my best to cook dinner in an ill-equipped kitchen. By the time Nick did get home, I had tomato splatters on my shirt, yogurt in my hair, and a glass of wine in hand, but both kids were happily splashing in the bathtub after more-or-less eating the dinner I threw together. 
These types of scenarios sometimes make me crazy, but I think that there will be a time in my life that I will really miss the chaos and the humor that life with 2 little ones brings.  So, parenthood right now isn't all adorable pumpkin patch pictures; it's chaotic and messy and many times we are in survival mode, but I love it so! 

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