Wednesday, October 7, 2015

9 months

Hey hey, baby girl is 9 months old! This has been the weirdest month so far... We moved out of our house, moved in with my parents for two weeks, and then moved to New Jersey. Luckily, in spite of all the transitions our sweet girl keeps on smiling! She is such a happy girl all the time and more than able to entertain herself. She loves to explore and has gotten her army-crawl down pat. She can make it across the room surprisingly quickly, particularly when there are power cords, shoes, or cellphones to be tasted (her top three choices of things to put in her mouth). Charlotte also pulls herself up to standing position and lets go with one hand, although it's hard to find things that are at her height- she's still such a tiny thing! 
She weighs in at 16 lbs and is in the 10th percentile for weight and below the charts for height. She has really taken to solid foods and loves everything we put in front of her. Her favorites though are blueberries. She has them with almost every meal.
She loves to swing at the park and holds on very tightly but giggles the whole time. She loves her brother, bath time, and dogs.
Her sleep has been meh this month which I will attribute to our constant changes of scenery. We are hoping for a solid through-the-night schedule when we are settled in the new house later  this month.  
I can't believe it's been 9 months with this sweet thing! She has changed so much from a cautious and reserved baby to a happy, joyful one and we love her so!  

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