Thursday, September 3, 2015

thursday thoughts

Instead of thinking about real estate, moving across the country, missing my husband, etc. I think I'll just focus on some trivial things that I am loving currently. 
We are making popsicles weekly and I love these little Munchkin popsicle holders because they are easy to hold for Charlotte, the catch most of the drips, and they are tiny enough that Hayden can finish it.  
I'm a self-professed lover of "slouchy-mom-style" which is casual pieces that are comfortable but still make you look put together. My favorite new items in this category are there super soft linen tees. I have a grey one and white one and will probably go back for a few more colors- they are lovely. I also recently bought these destructed high-waist skinnies and I'm loving them. 
Meal planning is crucial if we don't want to alternate between Panera and Chipotle take out every other night... I made this kale salad for lunches the other week (for me) and it's been tasty and filling.  

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