Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Sometimes having a 3 year old is challenging, and then sometimes it's pretty humorous. Here's a few of the funny things that have been coming out of his mouth lately. 
"Oh no! Mom, I think the door is locked, I can't get in. I really think you want to open it for me."  This, combined with jamming his fingers under the bathroom door as I try to have 1 minute to myself. "No, buddy, I actually don't..."
"I'm not a ______. I'm just Hayden Stoplight." He is dead set on being a stoplight for Halloween so if we are playing and I ask him if he's a monkey, or Mickey, or anything at all, this is his response. 
"Imma just grease up my leggies." As he grabs a bar of soap and rubs it on his legs in the bath. 
"Momma, you wanna watch me a little show?" Anytime he tries to convince me it's a good idea to turn on the TV for him... 
"Momma, I think we're all ready to go to Daddy's New Jersey now." = every day!
"Well Dad.... (*dramatic sigh*)... I have to let you go now." When we are face-timing Nick and he's ready to push that red button!  

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