Friday, September 18, 2015

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, guys! This one is a little bittersweet since it's our very last weekend in our first house. Things are progressing well with House Number Two, so that makes the transition much easier. Anyway, for anyone who has been reading our blog forever, you might remember how our house was a bit of an ugly duckling to start with. We did a lot to transform our little home into something we truly loved. So, if you'll permit me, I'd like to share my top 5 projects in this house as we bid it farewell. 
1. Our backyard went from a dirt pile into a functional and pretty space. The boys leveled it, added grass, irrigation, trees, bushes (Hayden calls them pushes) and flowers. I (naturally) picked out all the furniture. 

2. Charlotte's Nursery: Adding the french doors, window, wall treatment really created a cozy little space for our girl. 
3. Downstairs bathroom makeover: I loved this little room with it's dark walls and gold accessories. We don't have a bathroom at the new house that would fit this color scheme so I will definitely miss it! 

 4. Our kitchen counters and backsplash- such a game changer! I will love the quartz and the subway tile combo forever and always and it made such a difference in this little room where I seem to spend 90% of my time! 

5. Our master bathroom- hands down, my favorite room in the house. I love our giant shower and the finishes we chose and it will be hard to leave that gorgeous handmade counter top. At least we got to enjoy the space for 8 months before moving on! 

Goodbye house! You were a good one!


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