Thursday, August 6, 2015

7 Months of Charlotte Mae

Charlotte Mae is 7 months old today and this year is just flying by! This month, she has especially loved trying all kinds of different foods. She is an adventurous little eater and tries everything we put in front of her. I really can't say if she has any favorites yet, but she does seem to love pineapple a lot! 
Charlotte's first tooth came in this month and it looks like we have another one working it's way to the surface. Her teething has caused some extra night-time waking and comforting, but overall she is still on a decent schedule.
She has definitely found her voice and loves to shout, squeal, and screech. She is also happy to chatter away in the car or at the store. She is also a little more interested in moving around. She scoots backwards and ends up 5 feet from where I put her down often. She is very curious and is always interested in whatever Hayden is playing with or doing.
She's such a sweet baby girl and we love watching her grow each month!  

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