Tuesday, July 28, 2015

some big news!

Nope, we aren't expecting another little one! Instead, we are packing up and moving to New Jersey. Nick got a promotion within his company and we are relocating to the East Coast with this new job. He is actually leaving early August and we are following him out there once we get our house sold and find somewhere to live in New Jersey. We will be living about an hour outside of NYC! 
We are feeling all the emotions with this move- sad to leave our first house (where we brought both babies home), sad to leave our family and close friends, sad to leave California in general. We're excited about this new adventure, to buy a bigger house (since real estate is a little more affordable than our beloved Bay Area), to explore the East Coast, and to see where life takes us. I gave notice at my job already and we've contacted relators on both ends of the move to get the process started. The to-do list before we leave is rather daunting, but we are lucky to have the support of family to help us through this transition.

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