Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nick's 30th

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Nicholas turned 30 last Friday and I had a couple of surprises up my sleeve for him! On Friday night, we hired our babysitter and went out for drinks and dinner with our friends from New York who were in town for the weekend. We had the best time (and as a side note are excited to once again be living in relative proximity to them). Nick thought this was the big birthday celebration and so he wasn't really expecting anything else. 

Saturday morning, his brother and best friends showed up to take him on an all day golfing excursion. He was so surprised when they walked into our house and I had all his golfing things ready to go. His friends did a great job keeping him occupied all day until it was time for his final and biggest surprise of all- a birthday party with most of his nearest and dearest!

I had been planning the party for a few months with work friends, family members, neighbors, and out of town friends joining us for the festivities. We set up the party in the backyard and had a beer theme since he loves trying new and interesting beers. Our guests brought craft beers to share and we also had a keg of Firestone for all to partake. 

I ordered gourmet grilled cheeses from The Melt, we had mini cups of mac 'n cheese and a DIY ice cream sandwich station with our favorite organic ice cream. It was a fun night and I was just so happy to gather all our favorites together to celebrate my favorite guy.
It was especially meaningful since Nick has to move next weekend and won't get a chance to say goodbye to a lot these people before then.  

You know I love a good party and this one turned out just how I imagined!  

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