Tuesday, July 7, 2015

sleep well: summer

Today, I want to chat about how we change our sleep routine for the warmer summer months. During the summer, we end up staying up later since with the heat and light, it can be hard to get to sleep earlier in the night. With a 6-month-old baby, our sleep isn't quite what we wish it to be, so I follow these little rituals to make the precious time that we do get to spend in bed soothing and comfortable.
We live in a pretty temperate climate, so we are able to use the same sateen sheets year round and stay comfortable. I was inspired by the bedding company in Venice Beach, Parachute Bedding to shed our down comforter and stick with a light, white coverlet.  Less bedding makes it cooler for summer sleeping and also a breeze to make the bed each morning. 

In the summer, it's easy to revert to wearing Nick's boxer shorts and a cross country T-shirt to bed. However, sleep rompers and chemises feel pretty and feminine. Most are made of light breathable material- perfect for summer snoozing. I love ones from AnthropologieGap Body,  and even good old Target.

Waking up to tend to Miss Charlotte sometimes makes it hard to get back to sleep in the middle of the night. I use a drop of Lavender essential oil on my hands and breath deeply. The relaxing scent helps get me back to sleep in no time!

In the summer we always, always sleep with our windows open. The California summers lend themselves to cooler nights, so our house tends to cool down while we sleep. Using bamboo shades, we can filter out early morning light, but still let the cooler air into our house. 
What are your tricks for sleeping well in the summer? 

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