Friday, July 24, 2015

30 things

Today is my husband's 30th birthday and in honor of this big one, I thought I would share 30 things I love about him: 
  1. how despite the height difference, you and Hayden are basically the same person and get excited about pay phones, elevators, trains, and other random things 
  2. how you take care of our family and always put us first
  3. how predictable you are when it comes to ordering food ;)
  4. how you read all the manuals and tell me how things work 
  5. your honesty
  6. your beard
  7. how you are never mad when I go shopping at anthropologie
  8. how you leave work to bring me coffee when I'm having a rough day
  9. how you have silly nicknames for everyone in our family
  10. how you don't get mad when I cause you car troubles 
  11. how you really don't understand emojis and how we can have a whole text conversation in hashtags
  12. how you're always up for grabbing a late night snack or ice cream from the store
  13. how loving you are with our babies
  14. what great company you are on a date night or a random Thursday night
  15. how you fill up my car for me because I hate really getting gas 
  16. how you help everyone that needs it with odd jobs, buying cars, repairing phones, and computers
  17. your optimism
  18. how you offer to do the grocery shopping on the weekends so I don't have to try and do it with the kids
  19. you are never mean
  20. when you and I get hooked on a TV show and binge watch it for weeks
  21. how you are a wealth of information on every topic imaginable
  22. how you committed you are 
  23. how you are still my favorite person to talk to after 12 years
  24. your constant texting and keeping in contact throughout the day
  25. even your less-than-ideal habits (like losing your socks, hating to pack, and forgetting  to turn on the dryer all the time ;) )
  26. how you never complain about what's for dinner or lack there of
  27. how you have a special lullaby for each of our kids
  28. how you do all the voices when reading to Hayden
  29. how hardworking you are
  30. how I know that no matter what, you always are my number one supporter and best friend

Nicholas Reisfelt, we are the luckiest that you were born today! 

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