Thursday, June 25, 2015

five on friday

Sibling Love: These two are really starting to become good friends and I love it so. Charlotte is mesmerized by whatever Hayden is doing and he loves when she interacts with him. I love watching this little relationship blossom.
Popsicles, everyday: We made some tasty watermelon/lime popsicles this week and it's been our outdoor-after-nap treat (shirt optional) each day. 
Candyland! I have such fond memories of playing this over and over (and over) again with my dad and I love that Hayden is at the age to understand and play this game. 

The Day the Crayons Quit: Have you read this adorable book? It's a big favorite in our house and this weekend we are going to see a production of it- super excited! (We also love this book, by the same illustrator.)

 Favorite Face Wash:  About a month ago, I started using Philosophy's Miracle Worker Face Wash and it was love at first sight. This wash is so gentle but still feels really clean and it makes my skin look brighter on those days I choose not to wear any makeup (let's be honest, most days now that I have 2 babies!) 

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