Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday

Nick was on a business trip in Hawaii all last week and we only got to see him on Sunday, which definitely wasn't enough time for his number one fan- Hayden. We struggled through all the feels  with that boy this week and are really looking forward to spending some quality time celebrating our favorite this weekend.
Hayden has vacillated between being sweet and loving, to naughty, grumpy, and jealous off and on this week (welcome to toddlerhood, right?). By Monday night I could tell he really needed some one-on-one time with me. So we left Charlotte with Nick and went out for a little Pink Berry + Barnes & Noble date.  (We bought this book, which felt appropriate...)
My babies playing together - Hayden is so sweet aannnd bossy with his sister and I just love it. Yesterday he was teaching her how to play with the parking garage toy. She listened intently to his words and them promptly started chewing on one of the cars. (Against the rules, FYI)
 Like everyone else in the world, I got really into Serial a while ago. Now, on the rare occasions when I'm in the car by myself (thus not succumbing to the request to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat..) I've been enjoying listening to various podcasts. This blog always has great recommendations.
Help please! We have changed our coffee habits drastically since adding a second child to the family and needing that cup of coffee each day. We used to only get lattes from Peet's or our local coffee shop but that's a costly (and not always feasible with 2 kids) habit. So then I started buying cold brew in bottles (much cheaper, but it definitely still adds up). So now I want to make it myself, but we really don't have the counter real estate for another appliance so I'm debating between a French Press (this one is lovely) and a Chemex. Thoughts? Reviews? 

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