Friday, June 5, 2015

five on friday

yay for summer: food truck dinners, swimming in the pool, backyard bbqs and much more! 

We hired a part-time nanny to give me a few extra work hours a week and she started this week. Working without constant interruption has it's perks...

favorite snack of late: any kind of fruit+ Boom Chicka Pop. I love it so!

Yesterday, Nick and I (and Charlotte) were in the same city, at the same time for work and so we met for a midday lunch date at one of our favorites. Dates with the hubby are always good for my soul and we're lucky enough to have a little more one-on-one time tonight.

My mom hired a professional photographer in Hawaii and we got the pictures back this week. There are so many cute ones, but Charlotte refused to smile in a single one (to be fair it was evening time, and my kids weren't quite adjust to the time change just yet). However, the ones of Nick and Hayden turned out so well. I love these guys! 

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