Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 months of Charlotte Mae

This was a big month for Miss Charlotte. She took her first vacation (including 4 separate plane flights), she is officially rolling over in both directions and it's her main mode of transportation to check out what big brother is up to. She started teething and it looks like her two bottom teeth are working their way through her gums. (I'm shocked by this because Hayden didn't get any teeth until he was almost 10 months old). She also very intent on sitting up and can balance for about 3 seconds before the inevitable topple. She loves to grab hair, toys, and her paci. She also has lots to say and is very chatty, especially any time she gets some alone time with Daddy. 
Her sleeping took a turn for the worst (I knew her early sleep habits were too good to be true) and she and I have been seeing a lot of each other in the middle of the night these last few weeks. I could attribute all these night wakings to a variety of things: teething, new skills, a growth spurt... but instead of trying to obsessively attribute her sleeplessness to a specific reason and rush to remedy it, I am trying to remember that this is a short season in our lives and before I know it, she'll be 3 years old and sleeping in her own big bed, just like her brother. 
She has definitely put on weight this month and seems so much bigger to us all of a sudden. She doesn't have a doctors appointment until mid-month so I'm not sure of her exact weight. She is currently wearing 0-3 month clothes, which are finally fitting well.   
Another big change is that we decided to supplement a little with formula at the end of last month. As much as I wanted to exclusively breastfeed her (as I did with Hayden), things were a little different this time around. We have been giving her a bottle before bed a few times and then she breastfeeds normally the rest of the day. When I had Hayden, this is something that we never would have considered, but as with everything we've learned in parenting thus far, there is always some middle ground and we are giving our kids so much love and doing the very best that we can each day. 
We are obsessed with her huge wide mouthed smiles and the way her whole body shakes in excitement when she recognizes one of us. She also has a shy little tendency she will smile and then bury her face in whomever's arms she's in. She loves to reach for Hayden and at our breakfast date last week, he said "Look momma, Sister is holding hands" and then my heart exploded. I love this "momma-of-two" gig. 
 (Months 123, and 4 )

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