Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wednesday Breakfast Date

Twice a month I have a standing breakfast date with one of my favorite people ever. I love love love this tradition that we started. Every other Wednesday, we have to vacate the house early because our house cleaner is here for a few hours (a necessary investment after Charlotte was born!). Because my kids tend to sleep in, there's no time for breakfast before we get out the door, so I instituted a bimonthly breakfast date with my best little boy. His sister usually sleeps the time away, so I can have some sweet and rare alone time with Hayden.
He knows these breakfasts are special too and he's always on his best behavior, sitting and waiting patiently, using his utensils and keeping his napkin on his lap. 
Instead of going to the same place each time, we've tried to mix it up and hit different breakfast spots in the area.  He always wants the same thing for breakfast- an over easy egg, one piece of bacon and a pancake. 
I love this little tradition and I feel so fortunate that I have the flexible schedule that allows me to make memories like this with my kids.  

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