Tuesday, May 26, 2015

oh, hello

May has been the craziest month so far! I hosted my best friend's bridal shower/bachelorette, complete with a weekend in Napa and we just got back from a 7 day stint in Kauai. It was our first vacation as a family of four and our first time flying with two kids.... The flights were okay- we had 4 total and I would say 3 of them were pretty good, considering the length. The last flight home was terrible but we survived and the stress of it is already fading as we remember what a great vacation we had.
We've been to Hawaii a few times (Nick and I met there!) but this was our first time on Kauai. We stayed at a condo in the Poipu Kai Resort, right across from Poipu Beach. It was the perfect location - a half mile walk to the beach. The beach was a little lagoon with the warmest, gentlest water that was perfect for the under 3 crowd. We had trouble getting Hayden out of the water- he loved it so much. The resort had a pool around the corner from our condo, so we went from beach to pool to beach again most days. 
We decided that Kauai is our favorite island. We've been to Oahu and Maui and this one is a perfect mix of mountains, beautiful beaches, and not-too-many tourists.
Knowing our audience (the under 3 crowd), we didn't plan any activities and had as relaxing a vacation as you can with little ones. Charlotte started teething on this trip and Hayden got a terrible croupy cough. Nick took him to urgent care during the trip because we thought he might be developing an ear infection, but he is starting to seem better now that we're home. Anyway, we know traveling with little ones is always a bit of a gamble and we're grateful for the many happy moments on the trip that outweighed any of the rougher ones! 
Reading before beach time: 
 Evening walk with my brother:
 Pool time with my dad: 
 Sandcastle building:
 My littlest beach babe: 
 More sandcastles: 
 Last night at the beach: 
 so green
 we rented a jeep for the week
 drinks at the beach bar after the babies were in bed
 family shot: 
 Charlotte's first time in the ocean:
 love those chunkies: 
 daily walk down to the beach: 
 My momma and C:
 walking thru the water
 little babes: 
shave ice 4 life  
 Hayden and Emmy (the first day and only time the whole trip he was wary of the water)
there were so many wild chickens all over the island 

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