Sunday, May 3, 2015

new and blue

Our dining room has always been a problem area for me. We have an open floor plan downstairs there's only 1 windowless wall in the dining room. For a time, I tried various furniture arrangements like a buffet table, shelves, or a corner chest but everything always felt to crowded and not quite right for the space. Plus, the light is off center in the room so our table always had to be pushed in the middle to accommodate extra furniture, making it looks kind of silly.
After many many not-quite-right attempts, I decided on a whim to remove all the furniture from the dining room, save the table and chairs and paint the one wall in their dark blue (Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore).
Then, to solidify the changes, Nick switched out our fine/traditional chandelier for something a bit more dramatic- the Bentwood Pendant from West Elm. It's not for everyone, but I love the size and drama of it over our table.
Now our dining room feels a bit more special and I finally feel like it's *almost* finished. I am thinking about switching out the fabric for the curtains from plain white to something with more of a pattern, but not too much color. Maybe something like these or these?  
Also, I want to add another house plant in here... I had a fiddle leaf fig that was big a pretty and despite my best attempts I officially killed it... so time to find something that's big and low maintenance.  Aannnd I may change out the art- we shall see.... 

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