Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 on Friday

It's been one of those weeks and this has definitely helped to get me through some stresses. (It's tiny and you can find it at Whole Foods.)  
Every night, we tidy up from the day so we can start fresh in the morning. There was something so heartbreakingly sweet about finding this elephant on our bathroom floor when I went to get ready for bed. 
Even though our California weather doesn't quite feel like summer- I've been in that frame of mind. I made this simple chicken pasta salad the other night and I can see it being in rotation for many nights to come.
Somehow this little one seems to have doubled in size over the past week. Her clothes actually fit and she's getting those amazingly wonderful leg and wrist rolls.
This is my current weeknight view from 7:30 pm to midnight: work, baby monitor, and a glass of wine (check, check, check).


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