Tuesday, April 14, 2015

life right now

Nick has been back at work for a month now and we have fallen into a mostly normal routine during the week. Things can get a little crazy around here with two kids, two pets and two jobs but I really love this season of my life right now. It's often full of mundane tasks, like cooking, folding a million loads of laundry, washing diapers, running errands and cleaning up messes, but it's also full of lovely and peaceful moments each day. My baby may be crying, my kitchen may be full of dishes, my toddler may be running around with no pants on.  I may be covered in spit up at any given time,but I've found the beauty in this little life of ours and I'm treasuring these days so much. I made a little video to remember these first few months as a momma of two, if you'd care to see. 

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