Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hayden Right Now

Hayden is two and three quarters and I want to remember everything about him at this point in his life. Here's a little list of him currently... 
Loves: the color red, his doctor kit, high play toaster + coffee maker, cooking with mommy, being outside, Sesame Street, eating all meals whilst sitting on the counter, Taylor Swift, picnics, art, music.
Eats: favorites include: cheese! bread, salami, honey pretzels, hummus, and eggs.   
Dislikes: fruits and veggies, when he can't figure something out for himself, washing hair in the bath, changing in the morning 
Prefers: Daddy to put him to bed 
Says: "Hayden's turn by yourself." "Let's watch a little show... Good lidea, Mommy!" 
Uses: the potty consistently (yay!!!)
Enjoys: Washing his hands, helping Mommy, blowing bubbles, talking on the phone
Sings: Itsy Bitsy Spider, You are My Sunshine, Rock A Bye Baby among others. 
Wears: His sunglasses and red shoes 
Talks about: His birthday, Christmas songs, showing Daddy things when he gets home from work.
Gives: lots of hugs and kisses to everyone in the family, toys to his sister, and shares food with Mommy and Daddy 

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