Thursday, April 30, 2015

five on friday

one: we went to a friend's birthday party and she e-mailed me this adorable photo the photographer had taken. My kids and their chubby cheeks! 
 two: 16 days until we are back in Hawaii! Can't wait! (picture taken on our last trip there, two years ago)
three: I posted this picture on instagram yesterday but I just love that it's time to break out the kids summer wardrobes! Also, Old Navy has had some great kids pieces lately.
four: Monday evening we picked up some to-go food from our fav, Whole Foods and took everything to the park for an impromptu dinner picnic. I love that it's light enough and warm enough to do this now. Hayden loves eating outside and Charlotte is pretty content to lay on the blanket and stare at the trees. 
 five: this girl! My sister moved a few miles from us less than a month after Charlotte was born and I can't even begin to tell describe how wonderful it's been. Prior to this, we haven't lived in the same city since I graduated high school (except for summer breaks). Now we see each other like 5 times a week. She is so amazing and loving with my kids and just generally the best. So, a little shout to out to our fav, Emmy! We love you!! 


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