Monday, April 6, 2015

easter weekend 2015

It was Charlotte's first Easter and we certainly had a busy one! On Saturday evening, we went to my parents' for Easter dinner and a little Easter egg hunt for Hayden. He also got a basketball hoop from my parents for Easter and spent the night shooting hoops with his Daddy and uncles.
On Easter morning, we woke up to lots of cold (much needed) rain, but we still managed to make it to church. I was a little sad than Charlotte didn't get to wear her Easter dress since it was so chilly. 
We gave the kids their Easter Baskets- Hayden's latest prized possession - this toaster "with toast that pops up." Both kids got bathing suits (a family tradition my mom started years ago with my siblings and me) and Charlotte got this cute rattle and her own lovey.
I was really excited about this book- I've heard so many good reviews and Hayden and I have been enjoying reading about the letters in each story. My favorite moment from the day was laying in Hayden's bed that night with both kids reading to them. 
Both kids took really long midday naps so I spent time making this (ridiculous/adorable) cake and Nick and I binge-watched Game of Thrones.
On Sunday afternoon, we headed to a family party and then one more family dinner before calling it a weekend.  

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  1. That toaster is adorable! I'm sending a link to my mom now! Glad to know Wyatt's not the only kid obsessed with kitchen appliances, ha. Sounds like a wonder weekend! Y'all's family picture looks so cute!


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