Monday, March 9, 2015


We had a nice full weekend with just the right amount of downtime. On Friday morning we stopped by Whole Foods (tulip sale, yo!) and then headed to the park armed with coffee (for us) and vegan donut (?) for Hayden. 

On Friday night, we hosted a potluck for friends and had a great time eating grilled tacos, drinking a little wine, and chatting. Hayden's bff came over and they were the cutest watching the Aristocats together. 
On Saturday, I had a blissful 2 hours to myself where I got my hair done- and in true "I just had a baby" fashion, I craved a change. So, I decided to get bangs again. Usually I have haircut regret when I deviate from the norm, but I love the way they turned out this time! 
Also of note, I spent time on Friday and Saturday washing and rewashing all our cloth diapers, inventorying them, and sorting by color so that we could start cloth diapering Charlotte. She's just now big enough to fit into them so as of Saturday, we have two in cloth diapers... a little daunting but I'm sure we'll get used to it soon enough! 
We were fortunate that my in laws were happy to babysit for us so we could sneak away for a few hours for an impromptu date night.  
 On Sunday, the day in which Miss Charlotte did NOT adhere to the daylight savings time rule, we were up early.  
Hayden ended up getting the beginnings of a cold and was grumpy grumpy. It's always best to get him out of the house when he's in grumpy mood.   We headed to the City, where they were having "Picnic on the Presidio, with lots of delicious food truck options.  
I had a delicious acai bowl and both boys are some pretty amazing looking grilled cheese. When the wind started picking up, we left for home. Before we crossed the bridge, both kids were snoozing in their car seats.  
We ended the weekend with a family dinner and watched part of The Book Thief  before another week begins! 

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