Monday, March 2, 2015

my two and half year old

I can't believe Hayden is 2 and half already....sniff, sniff- where is the time going?? He's only another 2 years from Kindergarten. Anyway, this is just such a fun age and he's so verbal that he makes for very good company. He is always making Nick and me laugh with his little saying and what he repeats to us. (We have to be VERY careful what we say around this one- eagle ears!) 
At 2.5 years, Hayden weighs 26 pounds and is 33 inches tall. He mostly wears 18-24 month clothes with some 2T mixed in. He's still pretty small for his age, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in chattiness!
This kid loves to talk and carry on conversations. Last week he was asking if we could have some "shaky milk" aka milkshakes. When he's doing something he's not supposed to (climbing over his bed rail, for example) he asks, "Is that dangerous?" If he's bothering Lucy (purposely) and she grunts and growls, he calls her an "angry hippopotamus". He has a play coffee maker and he likes to make us cappuccinos often. When he is thinking about something he says, "Hmmmmmm, let's see..."  Also when he wants us to do what he wants to do, he say, "Okay... sounds like a good lidea," without waiting for an answer. He calls us "babes" sometimes... Whenever Nick takes him to school and they get on the freeway, he says, "Oh no! Look at all that traffic!"
He is turning out to be such as sweet big brother. He runs to Charlotte every time she cries- asks to hold her and pats her head and belly. Bath time with sister is a big hit and he's very careful not to splash when she's in the bath. (I think the feeling is mutual because the 2 times I've bathed her without Hayden in the tub she cries and cries). He's always quick to give her a pacifier and likes to inform us of all her actions - "Sister is sleeping" "Sister's eyes are open" "Sister has a little yawn." Also when I get him out of bed in the morning the first thing he says is, "Sister is awake/sister is still asleep" which he can tell by seeing if her bedroom door is open or shut. 
Hayden is becoming so independent. He is climbing at the park without asking for help, he's learning to set the table and he's doing a lot more cleaning up without being asked. Some of his favorite things right now are: trains, stoplights and elevators, anything that has lots of parts to discover, sidewalk chalk, always and forever the park, Daddy's tools, Mickey Mouse, the Berenstain Bears, Sesame Street, picnics, cottage cheese, soy sauce, and hummus, the color red and painting.
He loves music and has some favorites right now... Taylor Swift is at the top of his list. He requests, "Welcome to Nork" and "Cherry Lips" (also known as Blank Space) almost every car ride. He loves to sing (a bit off-key!), make anything and everything into a drum, and play the piano at his grandparents house.
He is such as sweet boy and has plenty of kisses to share with momma. He loves to have one of us lay in bed at night with him. Sometimes it's been such a long day and I'm ready for some kid-free time but then I lay there with him in the dark, singing softly while he holds my face in his hands and my heart just melts. I know these days are fleeting and I want to soak up all the sweet love that I can right now. 
I love this little boy so much and even on his most tantrumy-terrible-two days, he still brings so much happiness and brightness to our lives. Also, he seriously has the best eyelashes ever...  

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