Tuesday, March 3, 2015

in my make-up bag

I always love reading what products other ladies love and thought I'd share my own beauty arsenal. Over the last year or so, I've been switching from drugstore products to higher end product. I decided it that as I approach 30, it's time to take care better care of my skin and buy better products. I actually wear make-up most days. Even as a sleep-deprived momma, I feel like taking 5 minutes to do my make-up really makes me feel more put together and prettier- even if I'm in yoga pants all day! My everyday routine is pretty simple and seriously only takes a few minutes: 
sunscreen + concealer + CC cream + blush + mascara 

When I have time (motivation, somewhere to be) I'll spend a little more time and use all these products to make-up my face:

CC Cream: Love, love, love.   
Primer : I don't use this everyday but on the days that I do, my make-up definitely looks better. 
concealer : bareminerals Stroke of Light because as a full-time working momma of 2, sleep is low on the list of priorities and dark circles aren't attractive!    

blush: I love a slightly rosy cheek and this is the perfect light blush 
illuminator: for when I need that summer-skin look 
eyeliner: goes on easily and stays on all day 
lip balm: I'd like to be a lipstick girl someday but for now this tinted lip balm does the trip of adding some color without too much effort. I love it (and the price!) I have it in a few different colors, but my current fav is red dahlia. 
eye shadow:  I recently started using a cream shadow instead of the powder and I love it. A little goes a long way and I like that you can apply it really lightly.  
brows: I love the trend of darker brows these day but didn't want to buy an expensive product if this wasn't for me. This brow definer is cheap, easy to use, and makes a nice change. 

What are your go-to beauty products??

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